Our Co-Elevating Spaces

Empowerment & Authenticity

We commit to growth and choose courage over comfort by leaning into our edge and venturing out of our comfort zone, but not so far as to hurt ourselves.

We own our experience by acknowledging, accepting, and honouring whatever feelings, thoughts, and sensations arise within us.

Respect & Consent

We respect other people’s boundaries, needs, and desires just as much as our own.

We embrace queerness and thus value all body types, expressions of intimacy, gender and ethnic identities, as well as physical and psychic abilities.

We want to create a safer space in which marginality is experienced as a creative force.

Social & Political Sensitivity

We acknowledge that we live in a postcolonial and patriarchal society and that people’s perceived identity is likely to influence the way in which we relate to them.

We work towards equity with the awareness that some of us have more privileges than others.

Care & Benevolence

We strive to keep an open heart and mind by refraining from having expectations and making assumptions.

We are aware that we all carry our own emotional baggage and that we all long for deeper intimacy and more authentic connection.

Freedom & Play

We believe that we learn best through play.

We consider art to be a form of play.

Beauty & Spirituality

We want our spaces to be conducive to mindfulness, contemplation, and wonder.

We regard beauty as a spiritual necessity.

Swan Alyon, Lead Facilitator

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