What to Expect?

A container in which everything is allowed, and nothing is mandatory, except the event guidelines.

Maximum freedom for self-empowerment. Minimal constraints for safety and fluidity.

Rituals, workshops, and games offered by our lead facilitators, adjustable to the level of comfort and experience of each individual.

Workshops that anyone can offer during our daily circles based on your spontaneous creative impulses.

Dates: Wednesday 30 June in the afternoon to Sunday 4 July in the afternoon.

Location: On the outskirts of Paris, France.

Communal Living & Cocreation

We seek to create a sense of tribe and wish for everyone to get a chance to meet.  This is why we limit the number of people to about 40 including team members.

Participants are not passive consumers, but active cocreators of the event. Everyone is invited to take part in setting up the spaces, daily choirs, cooking, etc.

There will be two main circles per day during which anyone can share information, express their need, and offer workshops. Workshops can be on any theme and can take place any time during the day. Our circles are based on the Holacratic model of shared governance.

Care Team

Opening a space for exploration and vulnerability can be challenging and powerful emotions may arise.

The care team provides emotional and psychological support as well as conflict mediation. They will do their best to be there for you.

You can approach the care team if someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, or if you witness something that does not seem right to you.

Venue & Accommodation

A simple yet cozy house with a large garden and swimming pool located 45 minutes away from the centre of Paris and easy to reach via public transport. The exact location will be communicated after your registration has been confirmed.

The house will be divided into themed spaces for workshops and laboratories, rest and silence, as well as various levels of intimacy and sexuality.

Please note: there will be no assigned or private rooms, but a dormitory/silent room. Sharing sleeping spaces is part of the experience. You may bring your own tent should you need more privacy.


Food will be fresh, seasonal, and organic as well as predominantly vegan, local, and gluten-free.

Our lead cook will put together a team of volunteers for lunch and dinner. Although sharing meals is always a good way to meet, you may eat whenever you feel like it.


The event will be in French and English. It is recommended to understand basic French as some of the participants might not speak English fluently.

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