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Intimacy & Spirituality

14/10-17/10 Near Paris, France

Mystical Eros

Magic, spirituality, and sexuality are not merely means of healing, but also vehicles for growth and abundance. Rituals and ceremonies are edifying and uplifting collective practices during which we gather together to unlock our desires, honour our bodies, and access other states of consciousness. Through radical vulnerability and self-revelation, we seek to harness our vital force so as to re-enchant and beautify the community of life, both visible and invisible.


Chatonnade events are based on self-positivity and collective empowerment mainly through the prism of sexuality and other body-positive, spiritual, and creative practices. Self-positivity means welcoming all consensual forms of human expression and interaction so that each individual can fully flourish within a collective. We create a container in which everyone can feel free and safe to experiment, to be authentic, and to elevate one another.


This experience made me grow tremendously. It modified my vision of life and of the life I wish to lead in the future. It made me realize my degree of social determination. The container was sufficiently safe and welcoming for me to dare many things for the first time in a short span of time. I gained great confidence in my body. I experienced sensations that I’ll never forget. I met wonderful people that I have kept in touch with.

It was for me a lesson in humanity. Beyond social limitations, we returned to who we truly are, simply human, vulnerable, suffering, frustrated, cheerful, excited, and curious. This is the mantra that sums up my retreat: love that is shared is not divided but multiplied.

This gathering was a great liberation for me. I realized I how much physical and sexual shame and guilt I had inherited. I began to step up, at my own pace, held and loved. I saw my beauty in my partners’ gaze, and I felt theirs resonating in me in a virtuous circle of mutual flourishing. I am most grateful to those who create this magic.

Lead Facilitators

Swan Alyon

Swan is at the service of the creation of a new culture of intimacy and of ferality. They hold graduate degrees in philosophy, theology, and political science, certificates in yoga, tantra, and human permaculture, and also trained in physical theatre. They create spaces of empowerment in which to find greater creativity, connection, and joie de vivre by revealing the beauty of our shared human animality. They organize and facilitate events in Europe and North America such as Touch & Play, La Rencontre des REVES, or Durga’s Tiger School YTT.

Nimah Orilys

Nimah is an explorer of the mysteries of life. She first studied and practiced psychology before fully dedicating herself to spirituality. A new way of relating to the body and to other people emerged from this journey. After several introspective years in an unspoiled wild environment, she decided to live in community to explore – alone and among others – what a life geared towards more love could be like. She discovered tantra and shamanism and now facilitates various collective processes related to those arts. She advocates a new spirituality, embodied and inclusive – one in which there is room for all forms of Eros.

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